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UV Corona Oven

To sanitize small items like mobile, key ring, pen, papers, vegetables etc.

CS100 Oven-2.jpg

UV Corona Oven

To sanitize small items like mobile, key ring, pen, papers, vegetables etc.

Hand Sanitizer 1.jpg

Hand Sanitizer

It automatically dispenses alcohol in the hands.

CS100 Oven-1.jpg
Hand Sanitizer.jpg
Corona Oven -2.jpg



We are giving the finest services against COVID-19. We are taking utmost care and following all norms provided by WHO, Indian Government and Government of Uttar Pradesh. For all this, our rates are same and there are no hidden charges. Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), we are not accepting guests from certain countries. We request you to kindly fill a MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE given on this page.


In response to the corona virus (COVID-19), additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in effect at this property and these will continue.


Food and beverage services at this property may be limited due to the corona virus (COVID-19). But we will do our best to meet your needs.


In accordance with government guidelines to minimize transmission of the corona virus (COVID-19), this property can only accept bookings from essential workers. Reasonable evidence must be provided on arrival. If it isn't provided, your booking may be cancelled on arrival.


Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), this property is taking steps to protect the safety of guests and staff. Certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable as a result.


Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), this property has reduced reception and service hours.

In response to the corona virus (COVID-19), this property may request additional documentation from guests to validate identity, travel itinerary, and other relevant info.


On arrival of any guest we will check forehead temperature and general condition of the guest/s and if found above prescribed limit, then we will help them so that he/ she can get medical help immediately. Under this scenario, we will refund the guest money. But we cannot refund commission of booking agency unless they agree.


As per the Government guidelines, we are cleaning door knobs, door latches, and electrical points with alcohol and all furniture, doors, railings with soap solution everyday so that everyone will be safe in the house.


We are changing bed sheets, pillow covers, comforters, cushion covers after every 5 days or once guest vacate the house.


We have already increased disinfectant percentage in the water used for the mopping of the floor.


Our all helpers, employees are cleaning hands, legs as soon as they enter in the house. In addition, they are cleaning their hands with alcohol. Our helpers, employees are using hand gloves too.


We have installed automatic hand sanitizing machine at the house entrance so that all guests can sanitize their hands.



# We have put two Corona UVC Ovens in the house to sanitize keys, cell phones, credit cards, key rings, other small food items. Use is absolutely free for our guests. Pictures are available in the photo gallery.




Corona Oven Portable UV Disinfection Chamber 2.jfif


COVID---19 or CORONA. Many provinces/ States have imposed a check before yo enter another province. Please check with authorties and if it is required please take Corona report issued 72 hours before arrival.

Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out the following form to help us understand your physical condition.

Have you been hospitalized in the last 12 months?
Are you currently suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury?

Thanks for submitting!

Kindly note that all guests must have individually vaccination certificates or covid report maximum issued 72 hours prior to the arrival otherwise we have to cancel the booking. 

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