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General Delivery Terms (GDT)

Our General Delivery Terms (GDT)



We have updated our rooms. This is to ensure that you get the best at a reasonable price. We’re writing to let you know about updates we’re making to the terms of our Policy. These updated terms will be effective from 3rd June 2023.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the businesses of everyone. We are committed to supporting you as best we possibly can, so we are working around-the-clock on solutions for all our guests and helpers. These have been implemented since the outburst of Covid-19.


a). On arrival, we are sanitizing hands of the guests with alcohol-sanitizer.

b). We are checking guest’s forehead temperature. In case, if guest/s have temperature then we will ask guest to consult a doctor or go to R M L Hospital. Under these circumstances, we will refund his full money but we cannot return guests GST payment and any 3rd party commission as it is not in our hands. Guests can always request these charges from the 3rd parties directly.

c). Guests can request us for masks, hand gloves, sanitary bags. These are available free of charges.

d). As per the guidelines, we are cleaning key rings, door knobs, latches, locks, stairs rail, all remote controls, electrical switches, tables, chairs every day. For small items, we have installed two Corona Ovens to treat (disinfect) these items with UV rays. In addition, we are giving 24 hours idle time between the two bookings.

e). We are changing all bed sheets, pillow covers, comforters even if a guest stays for a day.

f). On day-to-day basis, if guests are at the property, then we will change all these at every 5 days unless there is a need.

g). For cleaning floor, we are using disinfectant liquid. Occasionally, we are using Caustic Soda for mopping the floor.

h). Our all helpers, servants are cleaning their hands, legs as soon as they enter the house.

I). Form filling, submission of the documents and collection of the payments are on the line (internet). Hence, there is no need to panic. Everything is digital.

j). We are following all WHO and Government guide lines.

). We are complying with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines.


Occasionally we are offering discounts, promotions and these all will be listed on our website on the link Discount T & C >> under Home Page of our website.




We never share any information or your data with any 3rd party. We also do not sell your data.


Collection of personal information is important to establish identity of a guest. In case of Indians, information collected will be only name, phone number, email address, Details of vaccination against Covid-19, food liking, any photo ID like Aadhar Card or Passport or D/L in case of Indians.


While in case of foreigners, it will be name, phone number, email address, Details of vaccination against Covid-19, food liking, PIO Card details, Passport Details, Visa stamped, arrival date in India.


In case of foreigners, above information is shared only with foreign office of India in Lucknow. We do not sell any information to any other 3rd party.



Our information, description, pictures, videos are 100% correct to best of our knowledge. Sometimes, it may differ in case some appliance goes bad or broken, AC not cooling enough or less flowers in the garden. As we all aware that in summer, there are not plenty of flowers compared to the winter. If AC is bad during the summer, then we do not take booking for that room till it is repaired. We block dates of this room.


We are updating these terms every time when there is something to add so that our guests have latest information. Please feel free if you have any questions. Our cell numbers, email addresses are available on our website.

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